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For me, there is almost nothing better than nibbling on berries while walking in the garden, or watching my children gorge themselves on raspberries, even if my jams are missing!....

We have a large selection of Raspberries, Cassissiers & Currants, and other lesser-known small fruits - Casseilliers, Ragouminiers, Pheasant Tree, Tayberries or Kiwaii...

Plus very interesting varieties for edible hedges and fruit forests such as Sichuan Pepper or Serviceberry.

Let your taste buds tempt you...




Discounts possible for large quantities for certain varieties.


STRAWBERRIES – Ever-growing - 'CIRAFINE'-large elongated fruit, sometimes bumpy, rustic, 'MARA DES BOIS'-wild strawberry taste, 'CHARLOTTE'-heart-shaped fruit, delicious reminiscent of the Maras.

Non- Everbearing - 'MADAME MOUTOT' - very old variety, hardy, 'CIFLORETTE' - productive & tasty. - €1.60 (€12 for 10) - 7cm bucket


GOOSEBERRIES -Ribes Rubrum – POT 2L – €9.90 / BARE ROOT -€7.50

Rustic at -18C°, this shrub is as well in fruit hedge as isolated, appreciating the sun for the fruiting, but supports the partial shade. Improved pollination by other varieties, even self-fertile. 1 to 2m adult size.

- JUNIFER – Very productive, large clusters of red fruits in June/July. Self-fertile.

- MULKA – Very late red variety, July/August. Self-fertile.

- VERSAILLES ROUGE - Rustic, very gouty. Fruits in June/July. Self-fertile.

- LONDON MARKET – Beautiful red bunches in July, productive & hardy. Self-fertile.

- WHITE VERSAILLES – Very pale fruit, sweet flavor, ripe in July. Often forgotten by birds! Self-fertile.

- GLOIRE DES SABLONS – Fruits of a beautiful pink color in July. Productive & self-fertile.


GOOSEBERRY - Ribes Uva Crispa – POT 2L – 9,90€

Hardy to -18°, better known in England where they appreciate the freshness, but support all types of soil except the most calcareous. Full sun or partial shade, can be used as a defensive hedge thanks to their formidable thorns. Height 0.5-1m.

- LADY DELAMERE - Produce large light green to yellow fruits in July. Very spiny variety.

- FREEDONIA- Red fruits, quite late and productive. Self-fertile, not very spiny.


BLACKCURRANTS – Ribes Nigrum – POT 2L – €9.90 / BARE ROOT -€7.50

Famous for jams, sorbets and ice cream. Very rustic, resistant to -18° and supports all types of soil. Well in fruit hedges, sun exposure or partial shade. Can reach 2m after 3 years.

- ANDEGA – Self-fertile and good pollinator, very good fruit in July. Famous for its fragrance, its leaves and buds are used for essential oils and infusions.

- NOIR DE BOURGOGNE - Requires cross-pollination. Used in Burgundy for Crème de Cassis

- BLACKDOWN – Late & productive variety, medium sized fruits.

- BOSKOOP GIANT – Largest fruits, requires cross-pollination.


CASSEILLIER - Ribes nigrum x R.Uva Crispa x R.divaricat – JAR 2L – 9.90 / BARE ROOT -€7.50

A triploid cross between Blackcurrant and Gooseberry, the Casseillier variety JOSTA (Jostaberry in English) produces large, dark red, almost black fruits with a unique flavor. The harvest lasts 2 or 3 weeks for the pleasure of children and birds. Self-fertile, behaves like Cassissiers or Groseilliers. Without thorns.


RHUBARB 'VICTORIA' – 1.3L POT – €5.50 - Rheum Rhabarbum – Branches to pick up from its 2nd year, this perennial is easy to maintain with good mulching and frequent watering in summer. Requires rich, fresh, loose soil. Appreciates partial shade, hardy at -20C°.


RASPBERRIES – 1.3L POT - €5.90 / BARE ROOT – €3.90 - Hardy at -18C°, cool & rich soil, partial shade.

RECONTANT - 'HERITAGE' - Classic red, assured production, very good flavor. suckering.

'AUTUMN BLISS' - Large red fruits, quite hardy. suckering.

'SEPTEMBER' - Fairly late red, tolerates calcareous soils. suckering.

'FALL GOLD' - Large, yellow, sweet fruit. Productive. suckering.

'SURPRISE D'AUTOMNE' - Old French yellow variety. Production spread, suckering.

'ROYALTY' - Purple fruits, unique taste. Lilac canes. Moderately suckering.

NON-REMONTANT - 'TULAMEEN' - Red fruits, excellent flavor. Moderately suckering

'GOLDEN QUEEN' - Yellow fruits, Moderately suckering


ARCTIC RASPBERRY - 1L POT -€5.90 - Rubus Arcticus - Good ground cover. Rustic -15C°. Pink flowers followed by sweet fruits but less than a traditional raspberry. 15cm high, up to 1m wide, shade, partial shade. Water during dry periods.


RASPBERRY–STRAWBERRY – 1L POT –€5.90 -Rubus illecebrosus – Ground cover, vigorous, very suckering, producing fruits reminiscent of strawberries, appreciated by birds. Partial shade. Resistant -10C°.


BLACKBERRY - Rubus Fruticosus'- ''BLACK SATIN' - POT 1.3L –€6.50- Thornless mid-season variety. Productive, vigorous, large black fruits. Moderately suckering, resistant to -10C°. Sun/shade.



TAYBERRY – Rubus fruticosus x R.Idaeus - POT 1.3L – €6.50 - Hybrid blackberry x raspberry. Large dark red fruits, delicious, quite productive & resistant. Self-fertile. Hardy at -10C°, all types of very fertile soil, sun or shade.


BLACK MULBERRY – 2L POT – 13€ - Morus Nigra -

Slow growing tree, can reach 15 to 20 meters. Acidulous black fruits, with an exquisite fragrance, composed of several contiguous ovaries, harvest spread out from August to mid-September. Resistant to -18C°, sun exposure / slight shade, all deep and fertile soils.


MAY BAY 'EDULIS'- Lonicera caerulea – POT 1.3L – 9,90€

Shrubby honeysuckle, blue berries, elongated, end of May/June, similar to blueberries but more fruity and tangy, delicious raw or in jams, if your children let you pick some! Sun or partial shade, can reach 1 to 2m in height in adulthood. Resistant to -25C°. Requires cross pollination.


ARONIA - BLACK ASH- Aronia melanocarpa- POT 2L – 13€ / POT 1,3L -9,90€

Shrub height 1 to 2m, white flowers followed by black fruits, excellent in jam and very appreciated by birds. Prefers a sunny location but tolerates partial shade. Hardy at -25C°, well suited for fruit hedges.


BARBERRY – Berberris Vulgaris – POT 2L – 9,90€

shrub max. 2-3m, melliferous flowers in yellow clusters May-June. Bright red fruits in long bunches, harvest in September, adored by our friends the birds and used in jam. All soils, rustic at -18C°, sun or light shade. Fruit or defensive hedge thanks to its thorns.


GOJI - Lycium Barbarum – POT 2L – 9,90€

Originally from the Himalayas, the Goji is rustic and undemanding. Very easy to grow, it tolerates all soils, drought and temperatures down to -18C°. Tendency to fall back, need for structural pruning or to be attached. Likes sunny exposures, but finds its place well in a fruit hedge. SOON… VARIETY WITH YELLOW FRUITS!!!


CRANBERRY - Vaccinium macrocarpon – ''PILGRIM' - POT 1,3L – 6,50€

Creeping plant producing astringent red fruits to make the famous sauce (jam) 'Cranberry'. Also used medicinally. Ideal as a ground cover under Blueberry trees. Hardy at -18C°, needs acidic soil (ph between 4.5 and 5.5) & shady location. Mulching recommended, watering during dry periods.


FUSCHIA - Fuchsia regia -'REGAL' - JAR 1.3L – 11€

Ornamental shrub >1m. Bright pink and purple flowers May to October followed by small oblong sweet black fruits. Withstands -10°, all soils, sun or light shade. Superb gifts during its bloom.


POMEGRANATE - Punica Granatum – POT 2L - 9,90€

From seedlings. Shrub >5m, resistant to -10C°, to protect from cold winds. Melliferous red flowers followed by fruits with a conservation of several months. Self-fertile, all soils, full sun.


PHEASANT TREE - Leycesteria Formosa – POT 2L – 11€

Bush native to the Himalayas can be 1 to 2m high and wide. Its flowering in very decorative purple involucres and followed by black fruits with a burnt caramel taste. Takes its name from being the berry of choice for pheasants (apparently!). Deciduous foliage, resistant to -18C°. Position in a hedge or isolated, appreciates partial shade.

SICHUAN PEPPER - Zanthoxylum piperitum – POT 2L – 13€

Tree of about 3m in adulthood, has large sharp thorns. Gives beautiful harvests of red berries to dry. It is the envelope that gives its peppery, refreshing taste with citrus notes. Sichuan Pepper leaves are also aromatic, you can dry them and use them to flavor your dishes. Self-fertile and easy to maintain. Hardy at -15C°, but more sensitive before 5 years, and flowering is sensitive to late frost. Sun or light shade, well in hedges.


LAUREL 'SAUCE' - Laurus Nobilis - Aromatic foliage – 7.50€


Tree known for its resplendent bloom, bears clusters of purple-black berries the size of a blueberry in June and July. Sweet and tangy, with an exquisite fragrance, the fruits are eaten raw or in jam. They are very rich in pectin. Begin to bear fruit from the 2nd year, in adulthood a tree can produce up to 8kg of fruit. Very vigorous and resistant to cold (-25°), it adapts to all terrains and locations.

We have chosen to mainly produce the ALNIFOLIA variety for its bushy habit, 1 to 2m wide, 2 to 3m high. It places itself magnificently in a fruit hedge. Its tendency to form 'groves' facilitates harvesting.

JAPANESE GOUMI – Elaeagnus Multiflora - 2L POT – 13€

Elaeagnus are nitrogen fixers in the air, therefore appreciated by other plants in the garden. The Japanese Goumi has silvery, deciduous leaves, and its rather inconspicuous but very fragrant white flowers are followed by red, oval, slightly astringent berries, often all eaten by birds. Resistant to -25C°, all types of soil, sun or light shade.

RAGOUMINIER – (NANKIN CHERRY) - Prunus Tomentosa – POT 2L – 16€

Magnificent shrub not exceeding 2m in height. Pale pink blooms appear before the leaves in March, followed by loads of bright red, small cherry-like fruits stuck to the stems. Very productive species, a treat for children and birds. Withstands -18C°, likes all types of well-drained soil. Appreciates partial shade, making it the ''star'' of fruit hedges, but can also withstand full sun. Self-fertile.

JUDEA TREE - Cercis siliquastrum – POT 2L – 11€

A small tree, it can exceptionally reach 10m. Leguminous, its spectacular purple flowering is appreciated by the first insects, it is also edible, with tangy flavors. All types of soil but likes limestone, resistant to -15C°. Sun or partial shade position, a nice addition to fruit hedges.


CHASTE TIER - PEPPER OF THE MONKS -Vitex agnus-castus – POT 2L - 11€

Widely used in flowerbeds or hedges for its abundant mauve or white melliferous flowering, we love this shrub. Its peppery-tasting seeds are known to have been consumed by monks to calm their sexual ardor. Chasteberry is now well recognized for having medicinal properties. Easy to grow, hardy and resistant to drought and cold (-15C°), the chasteberry grows well in a fruit forest in a sunny location.


FEIJOA – BRAZILIAN GUAVA -Feijoa Sellowiana –

Tree 2 to 5m high with evergreen silver foliage. Pretty flowers with red stamens surrounded by very sweet edible fleshy white petals. Pollinated by flies, it is a tree with a promising future. Feijoa produces green fruits that fall naturally when ripe with an exotic taste somewhere between pineapple and guava. Hardy at -10C°, full sun. Superb in the fruit forest. The plant needs an individual of another variety to produce fruit.

MAMMOTH – POT 3L – 14€ - Large fruits, to grow with another variety.

SEEDLING – POT 1.3L – €7.90 - Pollinates other varieties.


ELDER – Sambucus Nigra – POT 2L – 9,90€

Classic shrub of the witches. Hardy at -18C°, adapts to all places but prefers a little humidity. The flowers are used to make donuts and fairy lemonades, berries very popular with birds, delicious jams are made.



HAWTHORN - WHITE THORN - Crataegus - POT 2L - 9,90€

This perennial shrub has a very slow growth, but is very undemanding. The oldest subject in France is estimated to be 1500 years old! Its melliferous flowering in May gives the name of the Beltaine tree. Its flowers are used medicinally and make good herbal teas. The berries are used in cooking and are very popular with birds. Accepts all soils and positions, hardy at -20C°. Very good in defensive and fruit hedges.



Very beautiful resistant shrub whose leaves turn red orange and yellow in the fall. The plant simultaneously bears white flowers and ripe fruits, the arbutus, red-orange balls, aromatic flavor. Withstands -18C°.


JAPANESE COGNASSIER - Chaenomeles speciosa - POT 2L - 9,90€

Best known for its magnificent flowering at the end of winter before the leaves, this shrub can reach 2m high and wide. Is used in defensive hedge thanks to its thorns but also fruit, giving very fragrant fruits, raw astringent, which is consumed like European quinces, in jelly or juice. Hardy to cold (-15C°), all types of soil, Sun or partial shade. Available in red, pink or white flowers.


LICORICE - Glycyrrhiza glabra – POT 1.3L – 9.90

Perennial and leguminous, licorice, cultivated for its roots, licorice sticks, with medicinal and culinary uses. Stems up to 1.5m grow every year and die back in winter. Its woody root system is highly developed and the plant begins to produce runners after a few years. The flowers in purplish clusters from June to July are melliferous and decorative. Sunny exposure to partial shade, all types of soil, fairly draining. Hardy at -15C°, but young plants are more fragile. We recommend a good mulch to protect the roots in winter and keep cool in summer.

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