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We start our seedlings at the end of winter and they grow in a cold greenhouse. The varieties, whose seeds need heat to germinate, are put in our heated nurseries and then transplanted to be resistant when they are planted outside in your garden.

Do not forget that some plants such as tomatoes / eggplants / peppers / sweet potatoes etc are fragile to frost.



Still no F1!


Tomatoes – We produce about thirty different varieties. Like all our plants, we choose only old varieties or more recent reproducible varieties such as 'Green Zebra' tomatoes. You can, therefore, produce your own seeds from the fruits of our plants.

Do not hesitate to contact us to participate in the workshops 'produce your seeds' in autumn.

All tomato plants are 'indeterminate' unless mentioned in the description.

Large cups of 9cm - 1,80€

The Reds

Marmande – Very early, disease resistant – Medium sized fruits, ribbed, tasty and almost local!

Beef Steak - Huge fruits up to 1kg! Mild flavor, few seeds.

Marvel of the Marches - Very old variety. Medium fruit, round or slightly ribbed, thin skin. Resistant & vigorous.

Cœur de Bœuf – Classic heart-shaped blood red fruit - gouty and fleshy.

St Pierre – Fairly hardy & productive plant, good disease resistance. Regular fruit, medium weight.

Russian – Large-fruited variety, local lineage. Dark red, few seeds, particularly delicious.

Berao – Also known as 'tree tomato' - Roma type grow lengthwise (provide supports!). Strong yield. Fruits oval in clusters. Very resistant, assured production.

Andean Retort – Very popular. Fruits in the shape of a pointed pepper, fragrant and fleshy. A little sensitive to black ass, but so delicious!

San Marzano – NEW – Elongated fruit, approx. 12cm. Excellent taste quality. Vigorous, mid-early Italian variety often used for canning.

Colors -

Golden Jubilee – Beautiful medium to large sized yellow fruits, mild & sweet flavor.

Pineapple - Very large yellow fruit streaked with orange and pink. Dense, juicy & sweet flesh. Late variety.

Striped German – Mid-season pineapple-type variety, firm fruit with very sugary red & yellow flesh.

Crimean Black – The classic black. Large, tasty, sweet fruit. Vigorous plant, good resistance to drought.

Black Russian – Early. Round fruits, medium size shiny chocolate red.

Brandy Wine – Large pink-brown fruit, flavorful. Potato foliage.

Auriga – Orange tomato, the size of an apricot, very early and productive – guaranteed harvest.

Green Zebra – Well known now - as the name suggests, green fruit streaked with yellow. Medium size, quite productive.

Blue Beauty - Large flattened blue on a pink background, distinctive flavor - after much testing this is our favorite blue tomato.

Bern Rose – Excellent for cool climates. Delicate and sweet pink fruit, delicious.

Cœur de Bœuf Rose - Very large heart-shaped pink fruit - excellent flavor, beautiful presentation. Produced until frost.

Coeur de Boeuf 'Oxheart Striped' - NEW - Coeur de Boeuf striped in yellow and pink. Italian origin, late. A first for this year, we can't wait to taste its 'extraordinary flavour'.

Cherries –

Ciliegio – Classic red cherry. Tasty Italian variety. Resistant & productive.

Matt's Wild Cherry - Originating from a wild tomato in Mexico. Abundance of very small red fruits in clusters 8 to 12cm. Very sweet, excellent flavor. Very vigorous, productive & early.

Yellow Cherry – Resistant plant, good productivity.

Red Pear – Gorgeous juicy & sweet pear shaped fruit 3-4cm long.

Yellow Pear – Like reds, mild flavor.

Black Cherry – Early. Big pink-brown cherry.

Blueberry – Tasty mid-early. Indigo cherry turning red when ripe. Very beautiful plant.

Sweet Casady - Mini retort striped with golden yellow. Remarkable very sweet flavor. Serrated, delicate foliage.

White currants – Very productive – many pale yellow fruits. Very good taste quality.

Principe Borghese – Italian variety size 'cocktail' (large cherry). Oval fruit ideal for drying, hardy and productive, excellent choice for amateurs.

Banana Legs - Large cocktail elongated 10-15cm. Very sweet fruit, yellow banana.

Zuchertraube – NEW – Red cherry producing long clusters of fragrant berries. Early & vigorous.


Eggplants – 1,90€

Toulouse - Elongated purple classic. Early & productive.

Firenze – Large rounded, ribbed, pale purple and white fruits. Very white flesh, excellent flavor.

Lista di Gandia – White fruits streaked with purple, good taste quality.

Black Beauty – Early. Very large ovoid fruits, dark skin.

Long White - As the name suggests. Very productive.


Peppers – 1,90€

Reds -

California Wonder- Large square fruit, thick flesh & sweet.

Niagara- classic 3- or 4-lobed form, precocious, suitable for cool climates.

Doux d'Espagne – Large elongated fruit very tasty, semi-early. Productive & disease resistant.

Yellow -

Oro- Pointed shape, very sweet. Vigorous and productive.

Quadrato D'Asti Giallo - Square Italian variety with 4 lobes, sweet, thin skin.

Other Colors -

Ariane - Large shiny orange fruit when ripe, thick & sweet flesh.

Chocolate – purple brown fruit when ripe. Hardy & productive.

Violetta - Variety dark purple color, red when ripe. a Large, very decorative square fruit.


Peppers - 2,20€

Flavor without the Spice -

Sweet Chili – Use raw or dried to make homemade paprika.

Antillean Sweet Pepper – Very fragrant elongated fruits. Perfect for introducing flavors to children.

It stings! -

Gorria - called 'Espelette' - red, conical, high plant.

Antillais Rouge – very spicy and aromatic classic for tropical cuisine.

Habanero Orange - like West Indian but orange, very productive

Bonbon Pfefferoni - yellow pointed ball shape, not too spicy.

Ring of Fire - well yes! Thin, elongated, very pungent fruits.

Violet 'Tricolore Variegata' - small fruits turning green, purple to red, variegated foliage, very decorative.

El Grandé – Produces many large elongated fruits, ideal for hot sauces!


Courgettes – 1,60€

Green Milan – Long, dark green fruits. Productive.

Cocozelle – Light green streaky green fruit, very tasty. Vigorous, precocious & productive.

Gold Rush – Yellow fruits, very good taste quality.

Blanche de Virginie – NEW – Long clear fruit, very tasty.

Squashes – 1,60€

Butternut – Become a classic, one of the tastiest. Fruits 1 to 2kg, very good conservation.

Sucrine du Berry – Large elongated fruit, dense and fragrant flesh. Good conservation.

Nutmeg - Large flattened ribbed fruit. Excellent conservation.

Rouge vive d'Étampes – A very old variety of pumpkin, red with yellow flesh. Flattened and ribbed, 5 to 12kg.

Buttercup – Small fruits 1 to 2.5 kgs. Quick fruit set. Very good taste quality.

Spaghetti – Lemon yellow rugby ball fruit, stringy cooked flesh makes spaghetti.

Hungarian Blue – Blue-grey pumpkin from 5 to 8kgs, tasty yellow-orange flesh. Very good conservation.

Jack o'Lantern - The Halloween Squash! Perfect for sculpting, can also be eaten. Can get very big. Potimarron Red Kuri - Classic orange, 1 to 2kgs.

Potimarron Hokkaido – Dark green skin, excellent flesh, chestnut taste. Better conservation of all pumpkins.


Cucumbers – 1,60€

Tanja – Very tasty, no bitterness. Productive & resistant, well suited for outdoor cultivation.

Vert Long Maraîcher – Good yield, fruits 20-30 cm without bitterness. Very good taste quality.

Rollison's Telegraph - Long & smooth, white flesh with no bitterness. Very famous old English variety. Under cover or open field.

Gherkin – Fin de Meaux – Rustic and productive. Long, smooth & crunchy fruit.


Sweet Potatoes – 2,20€

Bucket 7cm- (Available in honeycomb plate for professionals)

One of our specialties, we produce in large quantities for professionals.

'Beauregard' - Classic orange flesh, reddish skin, very sweet flesh. Very old variety from Louisiana.

'Ben Imo' - Dark purple flesh and skin - this sweet potato contains 150% more antioxidants from anthocyanins than blueberries!

'Taro' - Purple skin and yellow flesh, chestnut flavor.

Physalis – 1,90€

Plum of the Incas – Large lanterns, orange fruit, tangy, high in vitamin C.

Ground Cherries – Variety with smaller fruits, light orange, less tart with tangerine flavor. Bushy door, early.


Leeks – Bunches of 50 – €3.90

Winter Giant – Very cold hardy, productive & tasty. Medium barrels, 12-15cm. Blue-green foliage - available from early June for fall/winter harvests


Swiss chard - 1,50€

Arc-en-Ciel or Cardes Blanches - Bucket containing several feet to be separated or planted in a tuft -


In Mini-clods –

Fennel – .45c

Finale – early variety to be harvested before summer. Tardivo de Sarno - for autumn/winter harvesting.

Salads – Batavia/ Iceberg/ Oak Leaf/ Lettuce/ Romaine etc – Consult us for the varieties available depending on the season- .25c

Beets – Detroit & Robushka - classic, round, red & sweet varieties, Chioggia - white flesh with pink circles, very decorative - .45c

Cabbages - Available May/June – Consult us for details on the different varieties – .55-.65c

green cabbages

Red and White Heads

Cauliflower & Romanesco

Broccoli - Green and purple varieties

Brussels sprouts

Kale - Classic Green, Purple, Red Russian, Tuscan Nero

Chinese Cabbage & Pakchoi


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