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and a little more info about us and our practices...

We are a small family farm - Thomas Robert from Normandy and Megan George from England with our 2 children.

We started our life in agriculture in market gardening and small fruits (organic, of course!), militant in ecology and the support of peasant agriculture.

In 2015 we settled here in the Dordogne on a horticultural farm, and due to people's enthusiasm for our plants, we quickly reduced our production of vegetables and fruits to focus on plants - especially edibles!                                   

Our experiences in agriculture are valuable in our choice of varieties. Passionate about food gardens, fruit forests, agroforestry &  permaculture, we mix techniques to produce as naturally as possible. So we place as much importance on the plants that feed us daily, our favorite annual vegetables, as the lesser-known varieties such as perennial vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs, bee plants, legumes, aromatic & medicinal plants, dye & useful plants and fallow areas and hedges, because a mixed garden is a healthy garden, far from monoculture models, allowing to use less fertilizers and to suffer less from attacks by pests and weeds.

The suitability of the name we have chosen for our garden - 'chaos' is the name given to granite rock formations that appear to us, and chaos is also what created these clouds of stardust.

It is this natural 'chaos' that we seek to develop in our plantations and our cultural practices.

  • Do you use chemical treatments?
    In general, no! And never outside - our friends the birds and auxiliary insects do the job for us. Sometimes we have to remove insects from the plants in the greenhouse, but we only use mild treatments authorized in Organic Agriculture, for example black soap for aphids.
  • Do you apply fertilizer?
    We use compost from an organic mushroom farm not far from here, and manure from Hortie, Comfrey and other plants that we make ourselves.
  • Do you take interns?
    Unfortunately no, we cannot reconcile with our family life.
  • Could we visit the garden?
    Yes, during our Open Days, usually in early fall, and during certain workshops, or by appointment.
  • Can we reuse the seeds from your plants?
    Yes!!! We are proud to use no F1 seeds, so you can save seeds from plants that come from us. We organize courses to learn how to collect your seeds - look at our agenda or our facebook page.
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