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The flowers complement any vegetable garden, aesthetically and also to encourage the presence of our pollinating friends like bees and auxiliary insects.

Here you can also find useful plants - either for other plants such as legumes, or in the house, such as for making your soaps, and dye plants.




– The selection of annual flowers changes quickly during the season - to see on the spot…. Wild Pansies, Marigolds (Calendula), Tagetes & Carnations, Cosmos (classic bipinnitus, dark red 'Rubenza', sulfurous 'ladybird'), Nasturtiums, Zinnias (giant and Mexican), fragrant Reseda, Blue & White Borage….. from from 1.80€

Morning Glory (see climbers) – €4.50

Tears of Job – 3,50€

Job's tears (decorative grass, seeds are used in necklaces etc – 4,50€

Cotton - 4.50€

Cardere des Foulons – biennial, large prickly swords once used for wool – €3.50

Safflower – dyer's thistle – red/orange flowers – €3.50

Milk thistle (used in medicine, magnificent variegated foliage, the chards are eaten) – 4,50€

Dracocephale de Moldavie (Moldavian tea-blue flowers and lemony leaves is used in herbal tea) – 3,90€

Amaranths ('Queue de Renard' - drooping fuchsia red plumes, 'Red Army' - rapid growth of 1.8m! Leaves edible when young, very decorative in an annual hedge) – 3,90€

Perennials –

Fragrant violets (purple or white) – €5.50

Echinacea Purpurea (rustic, decorative and medicinal) – €4.50

Fragrant pelargoniums (geraniums) (rose/lemon/orange/cola) – €6.50

Sage-Clary -€5.50, Pineapple -€5.50, Blackcurrant -€7.50, Orange -€5.50, Flower (From the Marshes, Microphylla...(€6.50)),

Oxalis (Purple, Green), - 5,50€

Comfrey (from Russia / White Flowers – used in organic gardening for liquid manure etc) - €4.90

Eschscholtzia (California poppy – used medicinally) – €4.50

Saponaire, (tracing, double lilac flowers – to make your homemade soaps) – 5,50€

Solidages (mineral accumulator, yellow flower stems 50-70cm, rustic, suckering – €5.50

Rustic Roses (Rosa rugosa, white without thorns,…) – 8,50€

Persicaria Runcinata 'Purple Fantasy' - purple variegated leaves 'Longue de Dragon' type – 5,50€ Vervains (Officinale, from Buenos Aires), – 6,50€

Perennial Evening Primroses (Yellow, Pink), – €5.50

Daylilies (Yellow or Orange – edible flowers!) – €6.50

Monarda (red or purple – edible flowers, spicy-sweet taste) - €5.50

Toad lily (Tricyrtis , or orchid lily – magnificent white flowers with a purple weight, loves shade and humidity but tolerates sun) - 6,50€

Sedum Spectabile (edible leaves, pea flavor, succulent type) - €5.50

Giant Campanula 'Carillon' (large purple/white/pink bells) - €4.50

Gaura (white or light pink star swords up to 1m – very rustic) – 6,50€

Semper Vivums (several different – artichoke-shaped rock plant) - €2.50

Agave from Spain – 8,50€

Pastel des Teinturiers (blue dye, sometimes biennial) – €4.50

Garence des Teinturiers (perennial cultivated for red dye extracted from rhizomes) - 4.50€

Chamomille de Teinturiers (Anthemis - sometimes biennial, particularly long flowering, yellow complexion) – €4.50

Gaude des Teinturiers (biennial, flowers and yellow dye) – €4.50

Gaillard (yellow and red flowers, floribond) – €3.50

Coquelourd (biennial to perennial, silver foliage, fuschia pink flowers) – €3.50




Cyclanthere ('Lady's Slipper' - fruits like capers) – 4,50€

Cardiospermum (Light foliage, small flowers followed by green lanterns – Medicinal) – 4,50€

Luffa, (Sponge gourd) - 4,50€

Morning Glory (classic purple, Firecracker, (yellow/orange drupe flowers), Cardinal Rouge (small, scarlet red flowers, serrated foliage)) - €4.50

Sweet Peas - 4,50€


Passionflowers (Caerulea €9.80 and Incarnata (for fruit and medicinal €13.50)

Immortality herb (liquorice flavored leaves for herbal tea or salads) – €7.50

Glycine Tubereuse (burgundy red flowers, tubers to harvest in winter, leave a few specimens in the ground for the following year) - 11€

Akebia (Flowers smell chocolate, followed by fruits (need cross pollination))- 11€

Bignone – 13,50€

Jasmine – 11€

Honeysuckle (red or green leaves – exquisite fragrant flowers) – €9.50

Kiwi ('Solissimo' – Self-fertile, 'Hayward' – female, 'Tomuri' - male (1 male for 5 females) 15,90€

Kiwaii ('Issai' - green fruits, self-fertile & good pollinator, 'Red' - elongated red fruits – need a pollinator)– 15,90€

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